“When I Whistle…” 3 channel video

a site specific video installation at the Swan House of the Atlanta History Center. by Bill Orisich and Benita Carr. Featuring Blake Dalton, Adron, Deidra Lynn Currie. Producer: Benita Carr; Director, DP, editor, sound design, Bill Orisich; Gaffers: Carlton Patterson & Tim Bennett, Camera Op/DP, Noah Orisich; AD, Ethan Orisich; Body Paint, Deidra Lynn Currie. Music: Bill Orisich, Deb Hiers, Tim Bennett.

A recent car shoot.

IMG_3417 IMG_3367 mercedes off road-7400 mercedes off road-7077

Matt Hurley flies his drone, Noah Orisich shoots with Whoa’s Red Dragon, Derek King sets up a shot with Whoa’s Kessler shuttlepod and second shooter motion control system. The Bill Orisich (director/dp), Derek King, Ethan Orisich and Matt Hurtley  create a remote control car mount setup with the Kessler and GH4.