new video installation by bill orisich & benita carr at whitespace gallery

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Whitespace presents ground.loop. a 4 channel video/sound design installation

by Bill Orisich + Benita Carr on Saturday, January 13th, 2018 through Saturday, February 10th, 2018.


ground.loop. is an existential journey and a modern day fairy tale. A search for connectedness and meaning and by extension a question about the relevance of art and the making thereof in the 21st century. The repetition and ritual of daily life with it’s drone and hum, the comfort and burden of it all and ultimate unknowingness. Through comic absurdity and solemnity (gravity) and a nod to Sartre, the work grapples with the pursuit of being.

Bridging experimental filmmaking with its non-narrative structure and elements specific to installation art, the work incorporates multi-channel videos, spoken word, sound design, and performance to create an immersive experience altering the viewers’ perception of space and awareness of self.

ground.loop. includes the participation and collaboration of several artists:

Dennis Coburn, Debra Hiers, poetry

Shana Robbins and Marianne, performance

Tre McClendon, tap

Jamel Morris, Shana Cohen, Tera Buerkle, vocals

whitespace-814 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307-404-688-1892

“When I Whistle…” 3 channel video

a site specific video installation at the Swan House of the Atlanta History Center. by Bill Orisich and Benita Carr. Featuring Blake Dalton, Adron, Deidra Lynn Currie. Producer: Benita Carr; Director, DP, editor, sound design, Bill Orisich; Gaffers: Carlton Patterson & Tim Bennett, Camera Op/DP, Noah Orisich; AD, Ethan Orisich; Body Paint, Deidra Lynn Currie. Music: Bill Orisich, Deb Hiers, Tim Bennett.

A recent car shoot.

IMG_3417 IMG_3367 mercedes off road-7400 mercedes off road-7077

Matt Hurley flies his drone, Noah Orisich shoots with Whoa’s Red Dragon, Derek King sets up a shot with Whoa’s Kessler shuttlepod and second shooter motion control system. The Bill Orisich (director/dp), Derek King, Ethan Orisich and Matt Hurtley  create a remote control car mount setup with the Kessler and GH4.